• What you can do

    • Pay utilities and other bills (electricity, water, DStv, GCC rates, BTC, Botswana Life)
    • Pay your credit card (It has to be linked to your card. Payment is instant/real time)
    • Appy for various banking products and services
    • Send money to anyone via CashSend
    • Transfer funds between your accounts and local banks
    • Check your account balances and view statements
    • Buy airtime*
    • View fixed deposit rates and foreign exchange rates
    • Order a cheque book for your current account
    • Request a statement
    • View mini statement
    • Do bank to wallet transactions for Myzaka, Orange Money and Smega

    *Buy airtime from your bank account even when you don’t have airtime. Dial *162*234#.

  • Benefits of using Hello Money

    • It's secure, with PIN protection and data encryption
    • It's simple to use, with easy-to-follow menus
    • It's compatible with all phone brands
  • How to get Hello Money

    • Self-register by dialling *161*234# (Make sure you have your debit card handy)
    • Visit your nearest branch and register – it's free
    • When Hello Money has been activated, simply dial *161*234 # to access the menu and follow the instructions. 
  • How to send cash using Hello Money

    Send cash with Hello Money
  • What you can do

    Even if you don’t have any data, this banking solution lets you send money, from your mobile phone or an ATM, to any person in the country who has a mobile phone and is able to get to any Absa ATM.
    • Send money across the country to family members or friends.
    • The person receiving the funds does not need to have a bank account.
    • Withdrawal of funds is done at any Absa ATM without using a card.
    • CashSend is a safe way to send money to anyone in Botswana quickly and conveniently.
  • How to send money at the ATM

    • Insert your Absa ATM card into any Absa ATM and select 'More services'.
    • Select the 'Money voucher' option.
    • Enter the amount you wish to send.
    • Create a 4-digit 'voucher PIN' (you will have to enter this twice).
    • Select the option to enter a phone number and enter the recipients’ mobile phone number. Or you can opt to proceed without entering a recipient’s phone number.
    • Conclude the transaction.
    • Take and retain the receipt as proof of the transaction.
    • Tell the recipient what the 4-digit 'voucher PIN' is and if you opted not to enter their mobile phone number also the 8-digit voucher number (shown on the receipt).
  • How to send money using Hello Money

    • Dial *161*234# and enter your 4-digit PIN.
    • Select option 4 for CashSend.
    • Enter recipient’s phone number.
    • Enter amount.
    • Select account number to be debited.
    • Create a recipient PIN for the transaction.
    • Confirm to complete the transaction.
  • How to receive money


    If the sender entered the mobile phone number of the recipient, the recipient will receive an SMS from Absa.

    • The message will contain:
      • Confirmation that money has been sent to them and is ready for collection
      • A unique 8-digit 'Voucher number'
    • The recipient will go to any Absa ATM and select the 'Cardless services' option
    • The recipient will enter:
      • The 8-digit 'Voucher number' (from the Absa SMS or supplied by the sender)
      • The 4-digit 'Voucher PIN' (received from the sender)
    • The full amount will be dispensed.
  • How to receive cash using CashSend

    Receive cash with CashSend
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