• Education and skills


    We provide skills development to support employability and self-employability, as well as facilitate access to quality education to deepen knowledge and build skills for the next generation. Through our ReadyToWork initiative, we have provided skills development training to approximately 10,000 youth across Botswana. The F.G. Mogae Scholarship Fund has enabled 76 deserving Batswana to pursue their masters.

  • Enterprise development


    We offer innovative financial solutions and business development support services to small and medium businesses to nurture the entrepreneurs of tomorrow. Our Enterprise and Supply Chain Development Centre has been opened to support SMMEs grow their businesses through access to finance and logistical support.

  • Financial inclusion


    We enable digital and non-digital access to the underserved population through value-add products and services to promote wider, convenient access to financial services.  Our various digital platforms including CashSend enables thousands to access financial services. Our pre-paid debit card, which is being utilised by several private companies and NGOs, allows individuals without bank accounts receive their salaries.

Absa Bank Botswana Hackathon and Incubation Program

Absa Bank Botswana launched its inaugural virtual hackathon in January 2021 bringing together young leading innovators from across Botswana in its effort to pioneer the growth of FinTechs.  

The Hackathon and Incubation Program will serve a dual purpose by bringing together young developers to solution for the challenges that are faced by SME’s in Botswana. The hackathon event will provide an opportunity for young developers to engage with SME’s, identify their challenges and develop innovative solutions. We also seek to assist young local talent to build and grow their fintech business through our business incubation program

Following the announcement of the top three teams in March, the youth developers have been involved in the incubation and training component of the programme. The entrepreneurship training was conducted by TheNeoHub, a private innovation hub created by a young Motswana woman.   The incubation program also entails learning sessions with industry experts on various aspect of entrepreneurship and technology dedicated to assisting the young innovators prepare for the world of entrepreneurship. The industry experts come from various parastatals including Local Enterprise Authority, BOCRA, CIPA, and Intellegra Holdings.

The second Hackathon and Incubation program will be launched later on in the year.

Women in Business Webinars – Reimagining Business for Women Entrepreneurs

Absa Bank Botswana is hosting quarterly webinars targeting women entrepreneurs with the main objective of imparting knowledge and information that will inspire and educate women who are already in business and those who are aspiring entrepreneurs. The first webinar was held in 2020 and included a panel of business and technology experts who shared their experiences of running successful businesses. 

Absa Bank Botswana has been hosting monthly ReadytoWork sessions for university students and youth in an effort to assist them with the transition from school to Work. The sessions which began in March have to date covered savings, investments, debt management and career planning and management. All of the sessions were led and delivered by Absa colleagues.

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