• How it works

    What you get
    • Access to loan amounts from P75,000 for vehicles, movable assets, yellow equipment machines, plants and equipment
    • Flexible loan terms of 12 - 60 months repayment (early settlement on loans is allowed)
    • Expert advise as we assist with calculating your repayments to offering affordable comprehensive insurance solutions
    • 100% finance can be offered in exceptional cases
    • On new vehicles, a 20% deposit or more is required
    • On used vehicles, a deposit of 30% or more is required, depending on the age of the vehicle
    • If you are buying a used car, it shouldn’t be more than five years old
  • What to bring when you apply

    • Copy of board resolution
    • Company profile
    • Cash flow projections, projected income statements and balance sheet for the finance period (1-5 years)
    • 6 months’ bank statements
    • Particulars of directors and secretaries (for non-Absa clients)
    • Annual returns and tax clearance
    • VAT registration certificate
    • Valid trading license
    • Quotation of equipment or vehicle to be financed
    • 3 years’ audited or unaudited financial statements and most recent management accounts
    • Proof of deposit
    • Tax identity number (TIN) document for the company
    • Proof of income
    • CVs of directors
    • Latest Annual financial statements (signed)
    • Management accounts (If Annual financial statements are more than 6 months)
    • Cash flow projections (with assumptions)
    • Directors personal balance sheet
    • CIPA registration documents
    • Company profile (Overview of business operation)
    • Company resolution
    • Quotations of asset sought
    • Debtors/creditors listing
    • Copies of contracts (If any)
    • Vat & Tin Documents
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