Online banking provides you an integrated view so that you can see all your accounts through one portal across Africa, wherever Absa has a presence. You also experience  integrated functionality and integrated service: 

Integrated functions

Get access to a wide range of products and services on one interface across Africa, including:

  • Local and international transfers
  • Cross-currency payments
  • Beneficiary maintenance
  • Mobile payments
  • Chequebook requests
  • Stop-cheque and unblock stop-cheque instructions
  • Direct debit collections
Integrated services
  • We offer you world-class service and support for all your electronic banking requirements
  • Our fast and reliable service is available to you through a dedicated customer support team in Botswana and across Africa
  • We have integrated multiple security features to provide you with maximum security through our dynamic password generation module


Our host-to-host channel saves you time and manpower because it provides the ability to send and receive files directly from corporate client systems to Absa's systems and vice versa without manual intervention via various supported connectivity protocols.

Our host-to-host solution offers:
  • Information account statement file transfer. These are files sent from the Absa system to the corporate customer’s system and may contain details of transactions that have been posted to their account, report of successful payments among others in various formats.
  • Payments, which are files are sent by corporate customer Enterprise Resource Programme (ERP) environment directly to Absa for processing with relevant reports generated. The payments are generated through the customers’ Enterprise Resource Programme and pushed through the Host Channel to the bank. 
  • Electronic collections (direct debits) are available through the host channel. The collection files can be generated through the customer's ERP and pushed to the bank for processing. Direct debits are only in local currency. The direct debit files can be generated to collect from other local commercial banks provided signed mandates are given by account holders being collected from.
  • Authorisation can either be done through the customer’s ERP or through our online channel.


Find your nearest branch or agent for over-the-counter collections, expert advice and a full range of banking services.
Corporate clients have access to a dedicated corporate service centre located in Gaborone.


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