With our eCommerce gateway, you can accept credit and debit card payments on your website wherever your customers are, which means you can take advantage of the global economy, however big or small your business is.

eCommerce enables you to:
  • Accept payments worldwide
  • Accept a wide range of international cards
  • Process payments quickly and securely
  • Lower transaction costs
  • Get dedicated support from our customer services team
  • Stay protected with the latest fraud security measures
  • Process digital invoicing with Cybersource that gives businesses a simple, no-hassle option to bill any of their customers with an email address and accept digital payments securely from their computer or mobile device
How it works:
  • The cardholder makes a payment by logging in to your website or accessing the link provided
  • The transaction goes to the Visa Cybersource online payment gateway. Visa then routes the transaction to the customer’s issuing bank
  • If the transaction is authorised, it is forwarded to Absa Bank for settlement and paid through the local payment clearing process to your bank account
  • Invoices and payments are tracked through the Cybersource portal together providing a single view of all payment’s activity
  • Simple mobile-optimised invoices let customers easily view and securely pay from any connected device


With our electronic POS terminals, you can accept debit and credit card payments at checkout points making them ideal for supermarkets, hotels, restaurants and more – true cashless convenience for your business and your customers.

POS enables you to:
  • Speed up the process at your pay points
  • Get terminals that are EMV compliant and reduce the risk of fraud
  • Reduce the risks and costs associated with handling cash payments
  • Enjoy dedicated customer support
  • Get cashback from select stores nationwide
POS enables cardholders to:
  • Top up their wallet on an Absa POS machine
  • Pay using their own currency with Dynamic currency conversion (DCC)
  • Conveniently pay within the shop rather than going to the ATM
How it works:
  • You will receive a plug-and-play terminal that offers the benefits of WIFI/GPRS connectivity, while allowing you to keep the terminal at your checkout
  • You can accept these cards through Absa (authorisations are 24 hours a day, 365 days a year):
    -Master Card
    -American Express
    -Union Pay International

The Absa Merchant Portal is an online business tool that captures all point-of-sale business data such as processing volumes, turnover, and transactions in real-time and makes this instantly available to the merchant 24/7.

How to request access for merchant portal 
  • The merchant calls an Absa representative to request access
  • The Absa representative will share an application form for login details
  • The merchant provides all pre-requisite details for user profile to be created
  • Country operation team creates the user profile
  • After successful user creation, the merchant will receive first login mail with all required details and URL
What you need to know about merchant portal
  • It is a market-first merchant solution in Botswana
  • It allows clients to make faster, better business decisions with real-time data
  • It provides dynamic business information to clients 24/7
  • It transforms the way merchants conduct business
Absa merchant portals enables businesses to
  • View turnover, the associated costs and commissions, 24/7
  • Search turnover within specific date ranges with just a few clicks (Business owners can identify the best time to run a promotion and forecast their budget spend for the upcoming months.)
  • Analyze and monitor success as a merchant with a monthly or weekly view of business performance (This is especially helpful for franchises.)
  • Solve and settle customer queries or complaints quickly by accessing transaction history without requesting these from Absa Relationship Managers
  • Manage and track business costs and budgeting with easy access to the volume of Visa, MasterCard, Union Pay International (UPI), and Amex transactions


Ideal for businesses with larger payment volumes or many outlets, our integrated point-of-sale services offer you a host-to-host payment solution. With a direct link to Absa, you’ll enjoy faster payment processing, as well as better information management to help with reconciliation.

Integrated point solutions enables you to:
  • Accept credit and debit card payments in-store
  • Use host-to-host solution that offers faster payment processing
  • Designed for ease of integration into a retailer's cash till systems
  • Both EMV and PCI compliant
  • Access detailed POS batch reports to help with reconciliation
  • Enjoy dedicated customer support
How it works:
  • If the customer selects to pay by card, the till will send the sale for the total amount to be paid on the PinPad
  • The PinPad prompts the customer to swipe or enter their card on the PinPad
  • The PinPad will prompt the customer to enter their PIN (if the verification method for the card is a PIN). Otherwise, a receipt is printed on the till and this receipt will have space for the cardholder’s signature (if it is a magstripe card with signature verification method)
  • The customer will enter their secret PIN for chip-and-PIN card transactions and the PinPad will encrypt the PIN and card data that is sent to Absa Bank Botswana for authorisation
  • Absa Bank will either authorise or decline the transaction
  • The PinPad will then display "authorised" or "declined" and will prompt the customer to remove their card
  • The PinPad will send all the data required for printing the receipts to the till, irrespective of whether it is authorised or declined
  • The till will then print the merchant and customer receipts.
  • The cashier will give the customer their receipt while keeping the merchant receipt.

Absa Mobi Tap is a solution that allows merchants to use their NFC-enabled smart phones to accept payments from customers by simply tapping their cards on the merchant’s smartphone / mobile device as opposed using the traditional point of sale terminals. Absa Mobi Tap accepts all card types from all banks. The card has to be VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Maestro or China Union Pay.

How does Mobi Tap benefit merchants?
  • Easy to download and is linked directly to merchant operational account, which follows the current as-is process of reconciliation and settlement
  • No additional hardware is required to access the solution
  • Flexibility on having a mobile app that a merchant can initiate on phones whenever and wherever there is a payment need
  • Minimal merchant education is required
  • Financial inclusion - Easy access to financial services for different merchants
How does Mobi Tap benefit customers?
  • Payments are faster, easier and safer
  • Customers no longer have to carry cash around
  • Customers experience a faster ‘check-out’ process
  • Customers never let go of their card, thereby reducing the chances of fraud
Smart phone or device required for the soft POS to work
  • The solution works on smart phones
    • Android
    • Apple
  • The device should be NFC enabled to accept Mobi Tap on phone transactions
How to get the Absa Mobi Tap solution
  • Apply for a Merchant Account which comes with a transactional account
  • Once your Merchant Account is opened, you will be asked to download the app from the playstore
  • You will then download the app from the Google Play store without adding any other hardware
How to apply for this service


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